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Union Comm Highlights Digital Divide in BRICS Countries at BRICS Civil Forum

Union Communications (“Union Comm”) is proud to announce that Sam Han, partner at our company, delivered a compelling speech on the critical issue of the digital divide within BRICS countries during the BRICS Civil Forum.

The forum, a significant gathering with participants from 10 BRICS countries, aimed at fostering peace, collaboration, and innovation among BRICS nations, providing an ideal platform for addressing this pressing global challenge. Sam is a distinguished member of the BRICS Civil Forum's Information and Digital Security Taskforce. BRICS is an intergovernmental organization comprising Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

In his speech, Sam presented a comprehensive analysis of the digital divide, emphasizing the disparities in internet access and digital inclusion among BRICS countries. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as of 2023, approximately 5.4 billion people, or 67% of the world's population, used the Internet. However, around one-third of the global population, or 2.6 billion people, remain offline.

Focusing on BRICS countries, Han provided detailed statistics on internet access rates:

  • Ethiopia: 18%

  • Egypt: 49%

  • India: 67%

  • South Africa: 74%

  • China: 78%

  • Iran: 79%

  • Brazil: 86%

  • Russia: 88%

  • UAE: 99%

  • Saudi Arabia: 99%

This data shows significant variance, with some countries like Russia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia recording very high connectivity, while some have lower percentages.

During his address, Sam shared insightful policy recommendations and best practices aimed at narrowing the digital divide and promoting gender equality in BRICS nations. He underscored the importance of collaborative efforts among BRICS countries to ensure inclusive growth and sustainable development. Key recommendations included:

  1. Supportive policy: Formulate inclusive policies that address the needs of vulnerable groups.

  2. Infrastructure development: Invest in high-speed and reliable internet, especially in underserved areas.

  3. Digital literacy: Promote nationwide digital literacy programs, ensuring that citizens are not only connected but also proficient in using digital tools, and protected by robust information and digital security measures.

  4. BRICS cooperation and partnerships: Collaborate with public and private sectors, tech firms, and service providers within BRICS countries to leverage their expertise, innovation, and resources.

  5. Affordability: Make digital access, devices, and services more affordable for everyone.

  6. Monitor & evaluate progress: Establish mechanisms to regularly assess the progress and impact of digital adoption initiatives, ensuring ongoing improvements and adjustments.

Union Comm is committed to driving digital inclusion and security across BRICS countries and others. We believe that through shared goals and collaborative efforts, we can build a prosperous digital future for all.


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