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Union Comm Empower Women through Digital Transformation: APEC Women Connect Virtual Workshop

Union Communications (“Union Comm”), a leader in policy advocacy and public relations in Hong Kong, proudly announced the successful organization of the “APEC Women Connect Virtual Workshop & The 4th Her Power Entrepreneurship Competition Awards Ceremony 2023” (Event Page). This groundbreaking initiative, held in collaboration with esteemed client DHGATE Group, aimed to empower women and girls worldwide through digital transformation.

In an era where digital literacy and access to technological resources are paramount, Union Comm recognized the need to create a platform that would bring together experts, thought leaders, and aspiring individuals to share insights, recommendations, and success stories related to digital empowerment.


The event featured a remarkable lineup of speakers who have made significant contributions to the world of technology, business, and innovation. These esteemed individuals included Diane Wang, Founder and CEO of DHGATE Group; Julia Torreblanca, renowned tech entrepreneur, and APEC Business Advisory Council Chair (Website); Megan Bozzuto, a trailblazer in women empowerment from the International Association of Women (Website); Leiya Lei, representative from LEAN IN China (Website); Rita Chao, co-founder of SHERO Initiative, and others. These visionaries shared their knowledge and experiences, inspiring participants to embrace the power of digital tools. Here is the speakers' highlight reel:

The event covered a wide range of topics, including digital literacy, entrepreneurship, technology trends, and social innovation. Attendees gained valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital age.


In addition to the speaker sessions, the event recognized and celebrated nine exceptional young ladies who excelled in the entrepreneurship competition. These talented individuals leveraged social commerce to expand their businesses globally, from the United States and Nigeria to India, Thailand, Mexico, and beyond. Here is the winner announcement:

Union Comm remains committed to fostering digital inclusion and creating opportunities for women and girls to thrive in the digital landscape. This event exemplified our dedication to advancing gender equality and promoting the use of technology as a force for positive change.

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