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Union Comm Organizes Successful Press Conference for GfK's HKTAM Contract Launch

Union Communications ("Union Comm") is pleased to announce its partnership with GfK, a global leader in full-service data and analytics headquartered in Germany, to provide a comprehensive PR service for the launch of GfK's prestigious six-year contract for Hong Kong Television Audience Measurement (HKTAM) from 2024 to 2030 (Link). As part of this collaboration, Union Comm successfully organized a press conference on July 11, 2023, to unveil the details of the contract and highlight its significance for the media industry.

The press conference, organized by Union Comm, served as a platform to announce GfK's award of the HKTAM contract and to showcase GfK's commitment to delivering independent, transparent, and reliable television audience metrics. The event brought together key stakeholders, including industry professionals such as senior executives from TVB, HOY TV, and ViuTV, media representatives, and industry influencers, to learn about the innovative technology solutions and methodologies that GfK will employ in measuring TV audience viewership in Hong Kong.

Union Comm collaborated closely with GfK to develop the press conference agenda, curate compelling content, and ensure the seamless execution of the event, by leveraging its expertise in event management, media relations, and strategic communication.


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