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Sam Han Selected by Asian Development Bank for Enhancing Communications Skills and Capacity Project

Union Communications, a leading policy advocacy and communications consultancy firm based in Hong Kong, is proud to announce that Sam Han, one of its esteemed consultants, has been selected by the Asian Development Bank (ADB, Link) for an important project aimed at enhancing communications skills and capacity in developing member countries (DMCs) in Asia and the Pacific.

Under the project, Mr. Han will serve as a consultant, focusing on digitalization, private sector-led initiatives, and innovative digital connectivity. This project is part of ADB's ongoing efforts to empower government officials and equip them with the necessary skills and strategic planning capabilities to effectively manage communications across traditional, digital, and other channels.

With a commitment to making a positive impact in the region, Mr. Han is eager to contribute to the project's objectives of building awareness, understanding, and support for government policies, programs, and projects. By leveraging his expertise in strategic communications and policy advocacy, Sam aims to enhance the capacity of DMCs to harness the full potential of digital transformation and drive sustainable development.

Commenting on the selection, Sam expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by ADB, stating, "In the digitalization sector, I am eager to contribute to this important endeavor with our commitment to digital inclusion and gender equality. I am grateful to ADB for providing me with this opportunity to make a meaningful impact in this region."

Union Communications recognizes the importance of this project and the value it brings to the development of DMCs in the region. As a leading policy advocacy and communications consultancy firm, we remain committed to supporting our consultants in their pursuit of projects that contribute to positive change and sustainable growth.


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