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The APEC Technology Empowers Low Carbon Action (TELCA) project is an innovative initiative launched by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to harness the power of technology in advancing low-carbon and sustainable practices across its member economies. This project is focused on identifying, showcasing, and promoting the most effective and innovative low-carbon technologies that have been successfully implemented within the APEC region.

TELCA aims to drive environmental sustainability and economic growth by encouraging the adoption of technologies that reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. By bringing together the best practices from around the region, the project seeks to foster a collaborative environment where APEC economies can learn from each other and collectively move towards a more sustainable future.

We are actively seeking submissions of best practices in low-carbon technologies from policy and business representatives across various sectors. If you or your organization have implemented a low-carbon technology or practice that has significantly contributed to reducing carbon footprints, enhancing energy efficiency, or promoting sustainable practices, we encourage you to share your success story with us.

Your contributions will not only be featured in the APEC Best Practice Report but also have the potential to inspire similar actions across other economies. Selected contributors will also be invited to participate in an APEC workshop, where they will have the opportunity to present their innovations and engage with other leaders and policymakers.

To submit your best practice, please use the submission form linked below. Should you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us using the provided contact details.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future by sharing your achievements in low-carbon technologies. Let's work together to make a significant impact in the APEC region and beyond!

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